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Piano Lessons  

Piano lessons for children and adults should be fun and informative.  Miss Jaci believes all students should have a knowledge of reading music, as opposed to only playing by ear.  Using a piano method that suits each individual student, along with other learning materials, piano students can walk away not only playing proficiently, but also being able to teach themselves new music without having to rely on other sources.  Piano students are also invited to perform in 2 recitals per year; once in December and once in June.  Students are also invited to play at local fairs and festivals. Select students may be invited to compete. 

Jaci Giammattei performer vocalist New Haven, Connecticut
Vocal Lessons

Although trained in classical voice, Miss Jaci's passions incorporate all different genres!  Voice students, of any age, can expect to grow vocally in range, projection, and tone support through vocal exercises and performance material picked to cater to strong points and growth objectives for each student.  Whether you want to sing in your school musical theater production, or are looking to front a band, Miss Jaci can tailor her vocal program to meet your goals!  Vocal students are also invited to perform in 2 recitals per year; Miss Jaci's Jingle Jam in December and Spring Recital in June.  Students are also invited to sing at local fairs and festivals, as well as audition for talent shows and other solo performances. 

  Beginning Band Instruments   

Miss Jaci teaches beginning band for grades 5-8 in a public middle school.  Miss Jaci offers private lessons in beginning band to supplement your child's school band program.  These lessons include technique building and development, as well as reading skills necessary to succeed in school.  Miss Jaci can instruct students in the following instruments:  Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, and Trombone.  Students will utilize their band method and ensemble music to increase instructional time on their instruments, as opposed to a large group setting in their school programs.  

Music Theory  

Miss Jaci believes that successful musicians should have the skills necessary to read and write music.  These skills will allow the musician to become independent learners, as opposed to relying on others to learn their music.  These skills will also come in handy for songwriters or recording artists.  Knowing terminology, written music, chord structures and names, and dynamic usage can help you communicate your wants and needs in the studio or with session artists!  Private theory lessons with Miss Jaci can tailor music reading skills to your learning pace and level.  Whether applied to an instrument or to voice, theory lessons will only benefit a growing musician!  Studio G also offers college prep for students who are interested in going to school in music and who may need supplemental theory and sight singing skills. 

Michael Giammattei performer drum instructor private drum lessons
Drum Lessons 

Michael is a versatile player, and as such he's able to tailor make his lessons to what the student wants.  As an example, he will teach the nuances of the drum set (including set up of the kit, to the tuning and maintenance of the drums).  If the student wants to learn how to read, or how to play to a metronome, Michael can show him or her how to do that.  He can also show students how to play different styles and genres of music, as well as how to perform the music, not just play it. 

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